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Blog | Revamped

I created my blog because of a fad. Its all the rage right now to blog or be a blogger. As a photog it's also an outlet to feature your latest work. Although I love to share with you all of the work I am producing, it gets a bit boring. I began to get bored. Bored with my own blog! I stopped blogging, and sharing. It wasn't appealing or even intriguing to me, so how could it be for anyone eles. How do I expect anyone to read my boring stuff if I can't stand it Some things have got to change. I admit, its me who has to do the changing. I actually have to give a darn, and put forth an effort. Ugh, it's so hard! It feels like homework sometimes.

So I sat down at my desk and began brain storming. "I'm a blog reader", I thought to myself. So I asked myself "What is it about the blogs I read that keep me interested?" I found my answer, as simple as it was. They mix it up. The blogs I read are never about the same ole' topic every post. Theres how-to's, informative posts, and even personal posts. This had me thinking...I will incorporate the same thing into my blog posts. This could keep myself and readers engaged.

From this point on, I will include more informative post, how-to posts, and I may even throw in a few personal post as well. Something more intriguing and a little bit for everyone. I'm excited to began this new, small (but big to me) journey. I have always liked wirting, but never knew what to write about, and who would even read it.

I bid you all adieu. Until next time. Keep reading and feel free to leave your thoughts & opinions in the comments below.




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