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Cake Smash Tips | Riverside Photographer | Krystle Thomas Photography

I am no Cake Smash Guru, however from the Smashes I have done and having my own children, I have come up with some helpful tips to a great Cake Smash.

Please don't expect your child to dive right in, and have a ball. Majority of the time it will not happen as you planned. You should know by now, nothing is planned with a toddler! LOL

Most children will be completely unsure and may even cry. It is very common and nothing wrong with it, so don't be worried. Others will inspect it slowly and carefully with the most serious of faces. All of these reactions and make lasting memories.

Let's make this a wonderful experience and an awesome memory!


  1. Try it at home first! Get a cake or cupcake and let them have there experience in the comfort of there own home first. Let them explore without the pressures of being egged on in front of the camera. This way when they come in they already know what it is and how yummy it will be.

  2. Bring two outfits. One for Birthday Portraits before and the Smash outfit. You may want to bring a bag to put the messy clothes in.

  3. Have a favorite snack around like, Cheerios or your child's favorite dry finger food on hand to stuff into the cake in case they need help being a little more focused on the cake. Works like a charm!

  4. If all else fails, you will have to be in a picture or two. Sometimes getting in there will help calm your little one, and help them to be more comfortable. So reassure them that this is FUN!

  5. Have a spoon near by just in case you need to give your child a little helping hand smashing into the cake. Lots of children are very cautious with the cake and need some adult help getting messy.

  6. It is great to bring in your own personal props to incorporate some decorations from the first birthday party (such as a banner or cake stand or sign). However there is nothing wrong with the “less is more” approach. Like a simple, clean, uncluttered look with just a simple banner is usually a PERFECT look to dress up a cake smash. At times too many balloons and other props can tend to cast color and shadows.

  7. The Cake; Stick with a whipped or buttercream frosting. It will be easier for your child to dive right in, unlike a cake with fondant. Don't be afraid to use lots of sprinkles! It helps get their attention focused on the cake.

  8. Think of a theme or color scheme that goes well with the cake, outfit and setup. We like to have at least two weeks prior to the session date to collaborate with you and create a setup perfect for your child.

  9. If your child is becoming fussy and not interested after multiple times of trying, no worries, we will have to reschedule. It is better to try again later than to upset them even more.

  10. Bring in some of your child's favorite toys. This will help grab their attention and possible help get some laughs.

  11. Lastly, your child's happiness is key to amazing photos. Prior to the session make sure your little one is well rested, feed... (hungry children are fussy children ;p ), and not ill. Nap + Yummy Meal + Healthy Baby = Happy Baby So play attention to their schedule, what is their happy time, and that's the best time for the smash!

This is not a full proof plan but it gets our chances much higher. We want to capture amazing memorize for you. Hopefully these tips will help your next Cake Smash.

Happy Smashin!



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