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Day After Sessions | Krystle Thomas Photography | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

A day after session, is a portrait session just for the bride and groom that takes place

after the wedding day.

This is a matter of personal preference, although it is highly recommended. We’ll have

an opportunity to take photos of you by yourself in your dress on your wedding day,

but it won’t be in such a leisurely and extended fashion. The wedding day will

never allow the intimacy and extended time for creative and unique bride and groom

portraits. There isn’t a way to squeeze in this time for special portraits in a wedding

day itinerary.

Day after sessions can be scheduled at anytime. Feel free to enjoy your honeymoon,

come back and do it all over again. Be creative! These are your memories. The

portraits can take place where ever you like, beach, woods, mountain, etc. Day after

sessions remove the stress of the wedding day, and allow you and your new spouse to

be photographed simply enjoying one another.



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