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Downtown Riverside Photoshoot | Riverside Photographer | Krystle Thomas Photography

DT Riverside is a fave of mine to shoot in. So much variety just within a small area! Long story short, my daughter takes piano lessons from this awesome young lady at our church. We've chatted before about how she would love to model sometime. After chatting again at my daughter's last lesson, we decided to do a shoot!

How fun, I'm always up for a chance to shoot. Her sister loves taking photos as well she told me so I said definitely bring her. We had fun even, though we didn't shoot too long, it was getting cold. I'm a punk when it comes to cold weather.

Even though we only shot for about an hour we got some great shots. Looking forward to doing another shoot down there again I have so many ideas and concepts I didn't get a chance to play with.

Check out this before and after edit! The hubby says it's too much but I still kinda like it. What are your thoughts? Share in the comment section below...



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