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Headshots | Riverside Photographer | Krystle Thomas Photography

Headshots.... your first impression to the world....

Most people don't realize just how important a headshot or profile photo truly is, especially nowadays. Jobs, potential clients, and even your potential soul mate is checking out your profile picture which is just a headshot, or at least it should be.

Headshots aren't just meant for real estate agents or actors/actresses! LOL Everyone can benefit from a good headshot. Look empowered, serious, approachable, fun, but most of all professional... within any line of work you do.

Jobs that would benefit from having a great headshot;

  • Daycare Provider/Nanny

  • All Small Business Owners

  • Teachers

  • Physicians

  • Service Providers

  • Any office position where you deal directly with clients. (Most times the company will provide headshots for employees. However, it is nice to have your own if you ever plan on advancing in your workplace.)

Headshots have definitely changed over the years. It has become more popular to include an environment blurred in the background like the photo below.

This style is called "Cinematic Headshots". It creates a little interest to the background by creatively blurring it, while not taking the focus off of the subject.

Ideally, these types of headshots can be done anywhere, an office, outdoors, etc.

John Mark Thomas ( My Hubby)

Step out of the basic headshot box and update your profile or business headshot with a Cinematic Headshot!

I believe at minimum every person should have at least one professional headshot and one casual headshot, especially small business owners. You are your business, and your face represents your brand.

One professional headshot (Suit, button-up, blouse, dress, etc.) and one casual headshot (Express yourself and style in a "professional" yet casual way, nothing inappropriate that you wouldn't want to reflect you or your business in a bad way)

First impressions are everything! The internet makes it ridiculously easy to gather info about someone and see what they look like prior to meeting.

Ask yourself this, what photo is representing me? What photo is representing my business/brand?

Check out a few of my new headshots below! NOTE: I shot these right in my living room.

Still like the traditional headshots, no worries we have got you covered.

Book your office or yourself for updated headshots now!




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