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How I try to manage work & family

As a photog, at times it seems as if you work 24/7. Edit, answer calls, send emails, meet with clients all week and shoot all weekend is my schedule with a few random mid week sessions It can become a bit non-stop, if you don't control the work time/home time border line.

With two children and a husband working 24/7 isn't going to cut it. So I started taking some of my "work" time and kill two birds with one stone. Usually prior to a session I explore the location if it's my first time there or just exploring to see if the location still looks the same as I remember.

Most locations that I photograph at are awesome locations for families. Recently I scouted Fairmount Park in Riverside Ca. for a Mini Session Marathon. It turned out to be a great sized park with lots of play areas, turning this "work" time into family time easily.

I was able to scope out a few spots while the kids played their hearts out. We have started trying to turn this into a bit of a tradition, by ending every outing with a great meal where we can sit and talk. Then topping the evening off with our favorite, Cold Stone! Yum.

I have only one family and one life to live with them, and I try to find as much time as I can spend with them. I never want my children to think I work too much and don't have time for them. My family is what matters most. The little things like this family outing make a huge impact for them as well as for myself.

Like always, I bid you all adieu. Until next time. Keep reading and feel free to leave your thoughts & love in the comments below.




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