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How often should I take photos of my kids? | Riverside Photographer | Krystle Thomas Photography

I get asked frequently “How often should I photograph my children? A question like this is hard to answer as it is based on personal choice.

Some choose to photograph their babies every month from newborn until their first birthday, while some like to photograph their child's milestones.

Milestones like newborn, sitting up, standing, and the first birthday. If your really detailed about it you could do newborn, holding their head up, the first smile, sitting up, standing, walking, and the first birthday.

As a professional, I have a recommendation. Documenting a child's major milestones are the best memories to capture. The major milestones like newborn, of course, sitting up, and the first birthday are the must-have photos.

Some of you may be thinking...

My kids are older now what.

Well even for older kids there are still milestones.

For older kids we recommend, 3 to 4 different photoshoots to capture them transitioning into adulthood.

Here are the different shoots we recommend...

1. Preteen; At this age, the young person is just really exploring who they are as an individual. They are finding their style, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. For some preteens that are feeling like they are in that awkward stage a customized photo shoot just for them may give the boost they need.

2. quinceañera / sweet 16, obvious milestone

3. Prom is optional but a milestone in a teenager's life.

4. Senior year - their last year in k-12 the biggest and most celebrated milestone. I took photos through my 12th-grade year and made a scrapbook. I still have it and my kids look back at me and

Knowing these milestones can allow you to properly plan ahead and think about themes, locations, and outfits. Planning ahead takes the stress off and allows time for saving for that large canvas you've been wanting to hang in the dining room.

Answer this...

What milestones of your children are still left to capture?

Krystle Thomas



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