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Michelle & Danilo | Santa Monica Pier

I love photographing at the Santa Monica pier. There is so much fun you can have on the pier as well as off on the beach. With the sun peeking over our shoulders and the ferris wheel lights still gleaming in the darkness it was no doubt that we began our sunrise session at the most peaceful time of day.

The pier was pretty much secluded, a perfect playground for this engagement session. I haven't known Michelle and Danilo very long but anyone can tell that these two are great for each other. I can definitely tell that they have such a great time with each other just being silly.

I always love hearing stories about how couples met or how he/she proposed. These two met by fait. Micelle and Danilo met at a rival USC vs UCLA event. Over 3000 miles away from Cali! How awesome is that? The best part of their story is the proposal. It sounds like a dream, or even a movie. It's totally romantic! I could tell it but it sounds so much better in her own words.

"Danilo is always making crazy statements to me. While planning our first date he inferred he was going to get me the moon. For our first Valentine’s together he said he was going to get a mariachi band and Chinese acrobats to parade through the streets for me. I’ve come to know that he isn’t serious but it’s just his way of expressing his feelings but every so often I tease him about it and ask where the follow through is on all these things. So, a few days after New Years of this year, he takes me out to this restaurant and lounge where we shared our first kiss. We’re having drinks while waiting for our table and he’s super fidgety checking his watch and not really listening to what I’m saying. When I ask him about it, he presents me with a gift that turns out to be a certificate for an acre of the moon (kind of like those certificates you get when you get a star named after someone). He said he wanted to show me that he would always come through for me and that I could rely on him. Next thing I know, a mariachi band starts playing in the lounge and he’s down on one knee and suddenly I’m engaged. He even managed to find a contortionist to perform a few tricks for me and our friends who were hiding around a corner! It was a magical night and I could not stop smiling."

Way to go Danilo! It's a beautiful story they can share for years to come. What an awesome memory. I am ecstatic for these two and I can't wait for their wedding day.



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