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Mother's Month! | Moreno Valley Photographer | Krystle Thomas Photography

Mother's Day, forget that....

Ok, there's no way us mothers should celebrate only one day out of 365 days, 18 plus years not to mention pregnancy....

So we are celebrating all MONTH!

When was the last time you can remember getting dolled up and taking photos of just yourself? Take a sec and think....I'll wait.....can you remember?

Some of you are probably still thinking and some already know that they haven’t done a thing for themselves in years. I understand believe me I do.

Before owning my business I was a stay-at-home military wife/mom. If my husband was deployed only GOD knows where I was at home cooking, cleaning, mowing the lawn, and everything else.

Even still with running a full-time business, cheer, a four year older, and an in-coming HS senior, it's hard! We all know the first word when they need anything, or hurt is usually MOM!

So why not! Why not take about two hours to yourself to be the glamorous, fabulous mama that you are.

If you are reading this and you are not a mother, be a great friend, family member, spouse, partner, or child and Gift this experience to a MAMA in need of some personal quality time.

You deserve it! You work hard mama! Pat yourself on the back.

Check out our TWO Mother's Month sets!

Our Mother's Month package will be:

30 Minute Session

Eight Digital Images

Makeup & Mimosas/Mocktails

Special bonus… access to our client wardrobe!

Including the actual 30-minute session time and makeup your full time at our studio will be up to two hours.

Makeup will be done by yours truly, Krystle Thomas.

To book please contact us through the link below!

You won't want to miss this special!

It's the Best Month of the Year!



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