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Senior Model Program

Free... Say what!? 

Yep free senior portraits for only a select few high school seniors and juniors.

Once a year I’d like to do a senior model call. This model call is for high school juniors and high school seniors. The model call is completely free and there’s no obligations to purchase anything. However because I get such a big turn out I can only take so many students. So I do questionnaires to pick the best students. 

Once the students are selected I will begin contacting the parent & student for scheduling and planning session. Most times the session dates and locations have already been selected and I send out to all who signed up locations and times for them to select. Once I have completed the session all students will receive all of their images taken from the session! So this means a completely free senior portrait session! 

Images will be placed in an online gallery for the senior to download, friends and family to view and if they are so inclined they can purchase if they like prints. 

When it comes to modeling a model release is required before a photographer is allowed to use images for promotions and such. If the senior is under the age of 18, a model release must be signed by the parent or guardian. If the senior is 18 or older they can sign a model release for themselves. 

For the juniors it’s pretty much the same I just call it a “Senior Anticipation Shoot”.  I do a little blog where I feature the junior and they tell me about what their most excited about for senior year. 

If you are interested in modeling contact me ASAP.



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