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Unplugged Weddings | Krystle Thomas Photography | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

The Benifits of an Unplugged Wedding

We spend the majority of our lives plugged into some device laptop, phone, tv, etc. It is crucial that we take the time to unplug and be truly present in the moments that matter.

By asking your guests to turn off their devices, you are asking them to experience the day with you and be part of the love that you are feeling and wish to share with them. You are asking them to relate to you and their world through their experiences, rather than relating through their LCD screens. Ask your guests to be truly present and participate rather than being observers.

Additionally, you have put a lot of time and effort into choosing the perfectly matched photographers to your style, personality and needs. When you get your pictures back do you want them of your guests enjoying your day or of your guests experiencing the day through downturned faces toward their devices?

While we can be the first to admit to this, stand up and proudly announce our, often obsessive, love for smart phones, we also believe strongly in the power of turning them off and being present in the moment.


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