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Welcome to the New Studio! | Moreno Valley Photographer | Krystle Thomas Photography

After years of dreaming of a bigger space, my dreams (PRAYERS!) were answered!

If you have ever been to the old studio space then you know that it was small and had mini props and a small space to shoot in. But, I worked with what God blessed me with and didn’t complain.... at least not too much.

After many years of looking and searching for a place that was size appropriate and gave me everything that I needed and wanted, which the list was loooonngg LOL. Some of you mentioned a private in-studio restroom which that was my number one concern at least right after a safer environment along with so many other things.

I have dreamed of having a space that suits my needs and this space definitely suits my needs, and has become my new favorite place.

Honestly, I don’t even wanna leave sometimes LOL, but enough said.

Check out our space below.

The Waiting & Portrait Viewing Area

We have a designated area for waiting, viewing your portraits, or in-person ordering. Complete with samples of all of our products.

My Office

The Studio Area

In the studio, we have multiple backdrops and flooring available to customize your photoshoot.

The Baby Area

Lastly, we now have a designated baby area! This area features special little backgrounds for our little ones as well as a space for our newborns.

Well, that's it. We can't wait to see you. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our monthly newsletter for updates and promotions.



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