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Krystle Thomas

Photographer & Certified Makeup Artist

I have been truly blessed to be able to do what I love and follow my dreams. I have an amazingly supportive family, that keeps me going. I eat, sleep, and drink photography. I've maintained a passion for photography for over 15 years now. I turned what once was a hobby into a business. 


Of course it is a big leap into reality once you start a business, but passion keeps me going, until the point where your family runs from you when you pull out your camera. So what do I do,...I chase them down. FYI, I'm pretty fast when I want to be. 

No Worries.....

I can be goofy at times, and never care if anyone laughs at my jokes. I will laugh by myself. I absolutely love music! I can't survive without listening to one of my fave songs. Dancing is my specialty! I was once a top choreographer for the stars.... at least in my dreams. Lol  


I believe that there is no time for stress and worries, we have one life to live and we should live it to the fullest.

Krystography is....

"Kryst-ography" is how I like to describe my style and vision in photography. I love deep rich colors that set a warm and vibrant feeling, Krystography is my style , who I am, and how I see the world around me through my camera.




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