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Benefits of Meeting with Your Photographer Post-Shoot | Moreno Valley Photographer | Krystle Thomas

While having them delivered to you on a flash drive or via dropbox seems like the easiest way to get

your hands on images from your latest session, this isn’t always the best way. If you truly want to

make the most of your images, meeting with your photographer after your session is highly


Your photographer puts a lot of time and effort into your session as well as the editing of your

photos. A true professional won’t just abandon you as a client once the shoot is done. If you’re

wondering why it’s important to meet with your photographer after your session, this is what you

need to know.

1. A post-shoot meeting completes your photography experience. Having your photos taken is

a personal experience, so why shouldn’t the entire process be personal too? Photographers

prefer to take you through your photos so that they can assist you from start to finish and

share in your joy.

2. Your photographer will assist you with the photo selection process. For some people,

receiving a disc or flash drive filled with photos can be quite overwhelming, especially when

it comes to selecting the best photos to print. Meeting with your photographer after your

session allows them to give you their professional opinion on the best photos to print and

what your printing options are.

3. Your photographer will be the perfect guide on where to place your photos. If you choose to

meet with your photographer post-session, you may want to opt to meet them at your

home. This way they can walk through your home with you and guide you on the best places

to display your portraits.

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