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Sweet 16 Photoshoot Part #1 In the Studio | Inland Empire Photographer | Krystle Thomas Photography

16 years ago I had my first child. A little baby girl!

My husband and I were planning to do a HUGE sweet 16 for our daughter. Since COVID hit things have changed everything. It SUCKS!

I feel bad that we've all had to make changes that have totally readjusted our lives. As a teen, I couldn't even imagine spending my life in the house with nowhere to really go but the grocery

Shoot #1

Since we weren't able to have this huge party we planned on doing, I decided to give her a supermodel experience. We have planned out multiple shoots all over So Cal. New clothes, makeup...the works.

For the first three photoshoots, she wanted to do at a local park and the studio. She planned out and bought her outfits and we got to work...

Want to give your daughter a sweet 16 photoshoot? Contact for more info!


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